Conveyancing, as it should be.

We understand that conveyancing can be a daunting and confusing process that seems to complicate the purchase or sale of your home or investment property. But that’s not the way conveyancing should be. Instead, we:

Eliminate the worry
Remove the risk and;
make the process simple and trouble-free

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Experience Skilled Conveyancers in Canberra

Aulich Conveyancing lawyers are smart, friendly and efficient. We can break down the legal process of a sale or purchase of property, into terms you understand.

Buying and selling property should be a cause for celebration, not panic and headaches. For home buyers, our conveyancers will provide advice on the contract and guide you through the conveyancing process. We will also deliver thorough background checks on the property to avoid any surprises, and serve as liaisons with your mortgagees and government departments. For home sellers, we can draft a concise legal contract. As always, we look after your interests in dealing with the buyer and their associated parties.

Our aim is to create a feeling of seamless transition of ownership. Our experience allows our solicitors to take care of all the complicated legal documents involved. We will explain everything you need to know and complete all documents accurately. You can rest easy knowing you won’t be weighed down with piles of complex paperwork.

Respectful Lawyers – Eliminate Concern

Our solutions are designed to offer you peace of mind and an understanding of your legal transactions. We compile all necessary documents, and break things down into simple steps, so you can trust that what we are doing is in your best interests. Our conveyancing lawyers put clients first, whether they are the buyer or the seller.

As a friendly and welcoming team of conveyancers, we are able to connect with our clients and present them with a clear process of property transaction. Time and time again, our previous clients return or refer others for our quality service and approachable demeanour. Trust is a major factor in creating a working relationship between conveyancing solicitors and clients. Through our work, we have built our reputation as successful conveyancers with unbeatable client focus.

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